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STAT!Ref® Online is a cross-searchable, healthcare reference e-source that integrates core titles with evidence-based resources and innovative tools all in one location.

Pick and choose full-text titles to customize your yearly subscription and we'll provide frequent updates seamlessly as they become available. Or, start by picking one of our customizable STAT!Ref Core Resources Collections. Our full-text, top-tier titles are available in a multitude of healthcare disciplines from a wide variety of reputable authors, publishers and societies.

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STAT!Ref® Online Overview

What is STAT!Ref Online?

STAT!Ref Online is a web application. A browser with full JavaScript support and Flash support for audio and video is all that is needed by the user.

Ease of use

• STAT!Ref is intuitive to use. Most users are comfortable in a matter of minutes with how to use STAT!Ref effectively to find the information they need.

• STAT!Ref uses an AND search by default. The Boolean operators supported are: AND; OR; NOT; ADJ (adjacent); and OADJ (ordered adjacent).

• STAT!Ref provides an Advanced Search feature. This feature allows just a selection of particular titles to be searched, instead of the default of searching all titles. It provides document type selections so that only particular types of text are searched: text (regular chapter text); tables (columnar table text); Figures (image captions); video (video captions); and headers (table of contents entries - the hierarchy of the text).

• On the Results page presented after searching there are filters to allow only particular areas of interest, or disciplines to be selected, narrowing the displayed results to the titles contained within the selected discipline.

STAT!Ref offers quintessential titles from a wide variety of publishers and medical societies. Many of the titles available through STAT!Ref are included on Doody's Core Titles List (DCT). Search all of the titles in your subscription at once using simple text queries or Boolean operators. STAT!Ref will present the results in relevance-ranked order and offer spelling corrections and related concepts to focus your search. You can also create direct links to the titles in your subscription that can be used on your own website or e-catalog.


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STAT!Ref® Value-Added Resources

AAFP Conditions A to Z
In English and Spanish
STAT!Ref includes this patient information tool that's been written and reviewed by physicians and patient education professionals at the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Common conditions, treatments and health tips are listed alphabetically or cross-searchable in STAT!Ref Online.

Altmetric LLP
‘Altmetrics’, or alternative metrics, tracks and collates mentions and shares of academic research papers and other outputs (such as datasets) across traditional and social media outlets, blogs, public policy documents, post-publication peer-review forums and online reference managers. Altmetric badges appear on select STAT!Ref content.

Bibliographic Citations
Citations for use in research papers can be generated by using the Bibliographic Citations feature at the bottom of every STAT!Ref document. You can export citations suitable for use in either RefWorks or EndNote. They are also available in plain text.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and it will be integrated directly into your subscription:

• Stedman's Medical Dictionary
The most reliable, must-have resource available for healthcare professional's is included in STAT!Ref. This 28th Edition contains more than 107,000 terms and has been thoroughly reviewed and updated by consultants from all the major medical and health science specialties. Highlight a word and click on the dictionary link for quick definitions without leaving your search.

• Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions
Perfect for Dentistry. Substitute this dictionary as your default dictionary.

• Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
Taber's 21st is today's most comprehensive health science dictionary.

Evidence Alerts
These alerts provide email delivery and access to current EBM information and research from over 130 premier clinical journals. These alerts are pre-rated for clinical relevance and newsworthiness by a panel of practicing physicians through McMaster University. Choose the disciplines within Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation and receive EBM updates daily or weekly.

The STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts system provides e-mail delivery and access to evidence-based medicine (EBM) information from current research of over 130 premier clinical journals. In order to register for STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts, you must be a subscriber or user and you must create a "My STAT!Ref" Preferences account.  more

HL7 Infobutton
STAT!Ref utilizes the HL7 (Health Level Seven) Infobutton search with electronic health records. This allows doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who review a patient's health record quick access to STAT!Ref resources. If provides value for EMR/EHR systems, but can be integrated into any information system.

EBMcalc Complete Edition
EBMcalc is a collection of over 520 calculations, clinical criteria sets and decision trees in STAT!Ref. With every search you perform, STAT!Ref automatically presents links to relevant EBM tools within EBMcalc. Some of the tools included are clinical Criteria Sets, Decision Trees, Medical equations, Unit and Dose Converters, Calculations and Equations by Specialty.

MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's Web site for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library, it brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand. Reliable and up-to-date health information you can access anytime and anywhere.

Merck Manual Consumer Version
A patient information tool based on the world's most widely used textbook of medicine, The Merck Manual, but written in everyday language by 300 outstanding contributors. Explains disorders, who is likely to get them, their symptoms, how they're diagnosed, how they might be prevented, and how they can be treated; also provides information about prognosis.

STAT!Ref automatically searches PubMed for matched results. Related concepts are displayed using the Metathesaurus, provided by the National Library of Medicine's Unified Medical Language System. Users with a PubMed account can register their PubMed "holding name" or "otool id" with us and link directly to PubMed full journal articles. Users without a PubMed account will still get access to PubMed citations.

Search Enhancements
When a search is performed in STAT!Ref, results from STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts, STAT!Ref Medical News Feed and four web sites provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will appear in the Additional Resources section.

Clicking on a public site link will open a new window/tab.
CDC public site search will include searching of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice documents, HTML, text and RTF.

Clicking on the Evidence Alerts or Medical New Feed results link will prompt the user to login to preferences, or create a preferences account, and take them to the search results list for their search.

STAT!Ref Medical News Feed
In conjunction with Reuters Health Medical News, keeps health professionals ahead of the curve with the latest key developments in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Produced by the dedicated team of journalists specializing in medicine and pharmacology, this service is an essential news resource for educational institutions, medical programs, nursing programs, pharmaceutical businesses and other health information departments.
Login to your STAT!Ref Preferences account to signup for Medical News alerts.  more

STAT!Ref Mobile
STAT!Ref is optimized for delivery on mobile devices. Simply log in as you normally do and most mobile devices will be automatically redirected to the mobile URL. The mobile version has full content available for all STAT!Ref titles and is intended to allow quick searches of titles while on the go.
We also have app's for smartphones. We have app's for iPhone, iPad, Android™ and Blackberry.  more

TOXicology Data NETwork (TOXNET)
TOXicology Data NETwork is a set of databases covering toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health and related areas. It is managed by the Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program (TEHIP) in the Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). STAT!Ref cross-searches TOXNET and provides results from the databases listed below.  more

  • • Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
  • • Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)
  • • International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER)
  • • Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System (CCRIS)
  • • Genetic Toxicology (GENE-TOX)
  • • Tox Town®
  • • Drugs and Lactation ( LacMed)
  • • Carcingenic Potency Database (CPDB)
  • • Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD)


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STAT!Ref® Additional Features

You get all of this at no extra cost

  • 9 Different ways to search STAT!Ref
  • 24/7 access as long as you have an internet connection and the proper authentication
  • All STAT!Ref titles, Journals & PDFs are full-text and cross-searchable
  • Athens Support: Open Athens, My Athens & Shibboleth
  • Doody's Core Titles: Many STAT!Ref titles are on the Doody Core Title list
  • Email a Link: Create a link to your current location. You can also Email it to yourself or a colleague right from within STAT!Ref
  • Federated Search Support: EBSCO, Ex Libris, OVID, and Serials Solutions, just to name a few
  • Marc Records: Download your MARC Records at anytime
  • Nursing Pod Casts: By author and Professor Sally Lagerquist, RN, MS
  • STAT!Notes: Bookmark pertinent information with an editable STAT!Note
  • Statistics & Reports: Easy to access and use
  • Versatile Packaging: Configurable to meet your needs and your budget


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STAT!Ref® Premier Content

Add any of our Premier content and you have a robust and complete one stop place for all of your resources

  • by Primal Pictures
  • Coding: HCPCS II, ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS, CPT® Data Files, OPTUM
  • Drug Information: AHFS Drug Information®, DrugPoints® System, Handbook on Injectable Drugs and many more...
  • EBM: Scientific American Medicine, Essential Evidence Plus™ & AHFS DI® Essentials™, Pharmacotherapy, Geriatrics and Nursing just to name a few...
  • Surgical Videos: From Northwestern University


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My STAT!Ref® Account

My STAT!Ref Account Overview:

  • Details
  • Temporary Login Account
  • Settings
  • Search Sets
  • Alerts


Setup, view and edit My STAT!Ref account.

My STAT!Ref - Temporary Login Account

Use a My STAT!Ref Account as a Temporary Login Account.

You can use a My STAT!Ref Account to setup a Temporary login Account and login anywhere using the "My STAT!Ref" username and password. This may be useful if you normally log in to STAT!Ref using IP based authentication or a proxy server.

Temporary Login Accounts expire 90 days from initial setup, by default. An expiration reminder email for users of Temporary Login Accounts is sent 10 days and then again 1 day prior to expiration.

To protect a subscription from unauthorized use, it is required that users re-authenticate their My STAT!Ref Temporary Login Accounts prior to expiration by logging in to their My STAT!Ref account while either IP authenticated, with a Full User login (not all subscriptions are setup with full user accounts) or by accessing via a proxy server. After accessing the account just click the Temporary Login Account tab and click the [Activate / Renew] button.


Choose your logoff behavior.

  • • Default URL
  • • Close Window
  • • User specified URL

Search Sets

Create and manage your own custom search sets.


STAT!Ref provides alerts which you can sign up to receive via email or by subscribing to the RSS versions of the service.

  • STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts offer a range of healthcare disciplines that can be chosen delivering relevant and meaningful   EBM information focused on your healthcare interests, helping with your clinical decisions.
  • STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts RSS are available in the Medical, Nursing and Rehabilitation disciplines. Sign up for STAT!Ref   Evidence Alerts Feeds and have content relevant to you delivered directly to your browser.
  • STAT!Ref Medical News Feed in conjunction with Reuters Health Medical News, keeps health professionals ahead of the   curve with the latest key developments in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals.
  • STAT!Ref Medical News Feed RSS are available in all Alerts Selections. Sign up for STAT!Ref Medical News Feed and   have content relevant to you delivered directly to your browser.


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Contact Us

Teton Data Systems brings you our flagship product STAT!Ref. STAT!Ref, is the premier healthcare e-resource, enabling users to intuitively cross-search full-text titles, journals and evidence-based point-of-care authoritative resources with ease. Over 600+ and growing resources within over 50 healthcare disciplines, STAT!Ref provides the latest healthcare information in a customizable and convenient format. Teton Data Systems prides itself in providing the best medical resources along with the best customer support. For more information, just call 1.800.901.5494 or Contact Us.


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SR Online® Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact customer service or product support if you have a question unanswered here.

An error occurred processing the page you requested

An error occurred processing the page you requested.
Technical Support has been notified.

This is a web application error which could be caused by a broken URL, a momentary communication glitch or the web server resetting.

1) Wait a few minutes and try again.
2) Verify that your link/URL is valid.
3) Refresh your browser by using the F5 key.
4) If the problem persists, contact support.

Can I create durable links to titles and resources? Link Wizard Info
STAT!Ref provides several mechanisms for creating links to specific documents and different resources within a subscription. Individual users can email themselves links with the "Get a Link" feature available within each title.

You can create various types of links using the STAT!Ref Link Wizard. To access the Link Wizard, go to the Home page of SR Online and click the link found in the left column under Tools. Make your choices from the drop down menus to create the type of links you want and then click Generate HTML. Copy and paste the HTML into a file of your choice to use on your web pages or in your catalogs.

If you have Client Manager Access you can also login to SR Online as an admin and under the Groups tab in your subscription, click on the "Links" link and you can copy various link combinations from there. If there is no Client Manager for your subscription or you just don't know who that might be you can contact customer service and they will be happy to assist you in getting the types of links you want.
Does STAT!Ref have printing capabilities?
Yes. STAT!Ref does include a print feature which will print the document currently being viewed. Because of the digital nature of these documents it is sometimes hard to know how many pages will print. The electronic version does not have page numbers so it is often better to try and print just a selection of text.
With your mouse, highlight the section of text you wish to print and click the printer icon in the toolbar. When the Print window opens click the Selection button and then the Print button. Just the text you selected will print.

You can also copy and paste sections of text into another document to print later. Just use the same method above to select your text, right click the mouse and select copy. Click into your document, right click your mouse and select paste. Because of publisher restrictions there are limits on how much you can print at a time. Whole chapters usually will not print in their entirety. If you encounter a "print limit exceeded" message you should try one of the alternative methods of printing discussed above.
Federated Search Engine Help
STAT!Ref supports many Federated Search Engines & Discovery Services. Here is a list of the most common ones:
  • • EBSCO A - Z
  • • Ex Libris
  • • Innovative Interfaces
  • • MuseFirst
  • • Northern Light's
  • • Serials Solutions 360 Search
  • • TDNet
  • • WAM
  • • OCLC
  • • OVID
To get durable title URLs the FSE Company must configure the correct Group Alias (grpalias=XXXXX) per subscriber and the correct FxId number that we have assigned to each of our titles.

We provide URLS & MARC Record data to some of the larger FSE Companies on a monthly basis via email and/or ftp. If a FSE Company is not currently recieving this data and would like to do so, they just need to contact us and we will get them setup to receive our monthly update.
How do I add titles, IPs or increase concurrent users?
Please contact your STAT!Ref account manager if you would like to make any changes to your account.
How do I access TOXicology Data NETwork (TOXNET)?
  • • 1. Log in to STAT!Ref as you normally do.
  • • 2. Type in a search term.
  • • 3. When the search results appear, TOXNET results will appear in the left hand column under “Additional Resources”. Scroll over TOXNET and the resources applicable to your search will appear. Click on any resource to access.
How do I get usage statistics?
In order to access and run statistic reports, you must have a Statistician level user account or higher. Once logged in as a Statistician, follow the Reports link in the toolbar. A Statistician account was provided at the time your institution subscribed to STAT!Ref Online. Additionally, a Client Manager account may have been provided. If so, the Client Manager for your institution can set up additional Statisticians. Any Statistician may access the statistic reports, as well as the Client Manager.

In a case where there was not a Statistician or Client Manager setup, you can contact customer service and they will be happy to either setup an account for you depending upon the subscription circumstances or they will run stats for you and provide you with a report.
How do I know when a title or resource updates?
Our new titles, new editions and supplemental updates are done seamlessly behind the scenes as soon as possible after the information is released to us from the various publishers.

Links to all "New and Updated" titles can be found on our title pages. Go to New and Updated titles now. You can also view recent title information by clicking on the What's New link at the bottom of the STAT!Ref Online search screen. Notes on title updates that have taken place are available from the footer of STAT!Ref Online pages through the Title Updates link in the lower right corner.
How do I provide suggested changes to STAT!Ref?

Please e-mail all suggestions to Send an e-mail to this address by clicking the Send Feedback link in the left side of the footer on all STAT!Ref Online pages.

How do I setup a "My STAT!Ref" Preferences Account?
Log in to STAT!Ref - if you are not IP authenticated, ask your librarian for log in details.
Click on the My STAT!Ref link
Enter your email address as your user name
Create a password
Thats it, your done! Now you can signup for Evidence Alerts, Medical News Feeds or a Temporary Login Account. You can also create your own search sets and choose your logoff behavior.
How do I setup Evidence Alerts?
First, login to Preferences, click the STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts link on the Preferences options menu to open the STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts page where you can register your alerts profile and select your areas of interest in any of the following three specialties; Medical, Nursing and Rehabilitation. You can also turn your alerts off and on at any time.
How do I setup Evidence Alerts RSS Feeds?
Access STAT!Ref and click on the preferences link. Then click on the Evidence Alerts RSS link in the left column. Click on an area of interest. This will open a new window displaying the current feeds for this subjct. If you want to subscribe to the feed, just click on the link "Subscribe to this feed". Another window will open with the default name of the feed and the location. Make any changes or save as is.
How do I suspend my Evidence Alerts while I'm on vacation?
Access STAT!Ref and click on the preferences link. Then click on the Evidence Alerts link in the left column. Under the default PROFILE tab, scroll down to: Email Alert Status: You can Enable and Disable alerts here at any time.
I forgot my Evidence Alerts password
You can retrieve your password using the "forgot" link on the Preferences login page.
This will email your password to you at your registered email address.
My Temporary Login Account no longer works
The default time period for a Temporary Login Account is 90 day's but this can be adjusted up or down by the subscription owner.
If your un/pw no longer works you simply have to access STAT!Ref while IP Authenticated.
Click on "My STAT!Ref".
Select the Temporary Login Account Tab.
Click the activate/reactivate button. You will see your new expiration date.
What platforms are supported?
Any computer with a modern browser.
Where can I get help on how to use STAT!Ref Online?
While on this site you can go to our Help page where you will find PDFs with title and product information, PowerPoint presentations and product tutorials which will help you with your use of STAT!Ref.
If you are in STAT!Ref Online then the Help link in the toolbar has answers to most questions on how to use STAT!Ref Online. When you open the help page you will see the help section divided into 3 categories:
Client Manager Help
Statistician Help
User Help
Different levels of help are available based on your own user level. The Client Manager is the person within your institution who manages your STAT!Ref account. The Client Manager has access to the group's properties page -- they may view all of the group's properties and may configure username accounts as well as access the usage reports that Statisticians use.

The Statistician may generate and view statistics reports, but does not have access to group properties or username accounts.

Users have the default access level for STAT!Ref Online which they can use to find answers by using search, the table of contents and the dictionary. Users do not have access to account management or to statistics reports.
Where can I get training tools to help educate others on how to use STAT!Ref?
Please see our Training and Resources on the Help page. If you don't find what you're looking for there or need something more customized or of a higher quantity, you can call us at 1 800 901 5494 or e-mail us at Information and we will supply you with whatever you need.
Which browsers are supported?
Officially supported browser versions are major version minus 1; e.g. Internet Explorer 11 is the official released version of IE. So STAT!Ref supports IE 10 and later (officially). Unofficially, we do strive to maintain functionality for older browsers which requires some functionality to degrade as gracefully as possible.
• Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux)
• Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)
• Edge (Windows)
• IE (Windows)
• Safari (Mac & Windows)


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Read what others are saying...

group of 3 doctors in front of a world map


"To me it's essential to save users and dentists time... we've never had a single problem... STAT!Ref has made it easy, it's been great."

-- Cindy Scroggins, Director of Baylor Health Science Library and Baylor school of Dentistry

"STAT!Ref offers a smart search engine, so the searcher doesn't need to be."

-- Annis Lee Adams, Health Sciences Library at the University of Hawaii at Manoa School of medicine