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Downloadable titles designed for individuals

STAT!Ref Mobile Offline takes STAT!Ref healthcare e-sources on the go. With powerful interactive functionality, STAT!Ref Mobile Offline allows users the ability to purchase any number of cross-searchable titles and download them directly to their mobile devices. Once your titles are downloaded, they are accessible from anywhere since you are no longer dependent upon an internet connection.

The STAT!Ref Mobile app is free, it's only the titles you pay for. The same versatile mobile app used for offline titles can also be used for accessing an existing online subscription. For more information on our apps please see the Mobile App section below.

Customize and choose resources that relate to your areas of interest and build a STAT!Ref e-book collection on your device today.


• SR Mobile Offline utilizes the same robust Search Engine you've come to expect from STAT!Ref Online with full-text searches and relevance ranked results.
• Choose from 1 to 75 titles and search them alone or together.
• We are continually expanding our title list so check back often.
• Portable and convenient. Once the title(s) are purchased and downloaded there is no longer a need for an internet connection.
• Users are notified if a new issue or edition is available for download within their 1 year annual subscription period.
• Cross-search fully-interactive resources, including full-text information from a variety of top healthcare publishers and societies.
• Medical calculations are made easy with EBMcalc, a collection of 520 medical calculation tools integrated in every subscription.
• Integrated Stedman's Medical Dictionary.
• Integrated multimedia content including videos and images that are completely optimized for quick accessibility to help you better understand healthcare topics (inclusion of videos and images depend upon title(s) purchased).


Purchase now!

Click the store button, choose your books and purchase through the STAT!Ref store and access them via the STAT!Ref App. The STAT!Ref App is a free download and available for both iOS and Android devices (see more about mobile apps in the Mobile Apps section below).

Please note: STAT!Ref Mobile Offline title subscriptions are good for one year from the date of purchase, after which the titles expire and will cease to be useable. Titles may be activated on only one device at a time.

Access the STAT!Ref Online Store now!
STAT!Ref Online Store


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STAT!Ref Mobile Offline Overview:

Titles may be purchased individually, in pre-defined packages, or any combination thereof. Access to each title and/or package you purchase is for a period of 1 year and users will be notified via the STAT!Ref App if a new issue or edition is available for download within that period.


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Mobile Apps:

The STAT!Ref Mobile apps allow you to access your purchased annual STAT!Ref subscription from your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. These same versatile mobile apps used for offline titles can also be used for accessing an existing online subscription. Learn more about accessing an online subscription using a STAT!Ref Mobile app.

STAT!Ref Mobile iPhone QR Code

For iOS

• The STAT!Ref iPhone App is available from the iTunes Store just click here or scan the QR code to the right.



STAT!Ref Mobile Android<sup>™</sup> QR Code

For Android

• The STAT!Ref Android Mobile App is available from Google Play just click here or scan the QR code to the right.
• The STAT!Ref Android Mobile App is available from the Amazon App store just click here


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Alphabetical Title List:


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Support Documentation:


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System Requirements:

IOS Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Android Requirements: Requires 2.1 or later.


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Contact Us

Please contact us for more information on STAT!Ref Mobile Offline. Teton Data Systems prides itself in providing the best medical resources along with the best customer support. For more information, just call 1.800.901.5494 or use this Contact Us form and use STAT!Ref Mobile Offline in the subject line.


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STAT!Ref Mobile Offline FAQs

How can I purchase STAT!Ref Mobile Offline Titles?
Click the store button at the top of this page. Add your titles, package or any combination of titles and packages to your cart and check out. You will receive an email confirmation along with your login info. Download the appropriate app, sign in and download your titles.
What is included with STAT!Ref Mobile Offline Titles?
In addition to the title(s)/package(s) you select, each purchase includes for free:<
  • • Stedman's Medical Dictionary
  • • EBMcalc Complete Collection (EBM calculator)
What type of authentication if any is necessary?
A user name & password is needed to activate the purchased download. This is provided to you via email after your purchase.
Can I add more titles later?
You can purchase more titles at any time however, if purchased at different times they will also expire at different times.
Can STAT!Ref Mobile Free and STAT!Ref Mobile Offline be used together?
Absolutely! If you already have SR Mobile Free (subscription-based) on your mobile device just follow these steps after you purchase SR Mobile Offline.
  • • Tap the STAT!Ref app icon on your mobile device
  • • To access Offline mode just tap the [Use Offline Mode] button which is activated after you connect to your offline subscription the first time
  • • To access SR Mobile mode enter your Temporary log in info and click [Log in]
  • • To toggle between the two just log off and either click the [Use Offline Mode] for your purchased titles or Log in to view your subscription titles. It's that easy!
How large an application is this?
The amount of data that is downloaded will vary depending upon the number of titles downloaded and the size of each title. You will see a file size next to each title. Anytime you need to free up space you can unload a title. It will stay in your list with a world icon next to it. You can re-download it anytime within your 1 year purchase agreement.


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