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STAT!Ref offers multiple resource solutions for healthcare audiences – including Healthcare Organizations and Institutions, Academic Institutions and Universities, resources for a Global Market, Military, Government and Public Health.

By offering authoritative Evidence Based resources such as Essential Evidence Plus™ (EE+), Scientific American Medicine, and EBMcalc, STAT!Ref ensures that a wealth of critical, reputable information is available from a wide variety of respected publishers and societies.

STAT!Ref resources offer direct research solutions for your institution. A STAT!Ref subscription comes with free value-added resources, such as: AAFP Conditions A to Z, EBMcalc, Stedman's Medical Dictionary, Evidence Alerts, Medical News Feeds, Bibliographic Citations, HL-7 Info Button Technology, MARC Records, and PubMed Journal Abstracts. And, all resources are cross-searchable within our database!

This is just a sampling of our most sought after healthcare solutions:


At STAT!Ref, we will work with you to find the best customized resource solutions to suit your unique needs.


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Academic Institutions

STAT!Ref currently offers solutions for a multitude of institutions of higher learning both here in the United States and abroad. Whether you need Anatomy resources for an A&P course, help preparing for a Nursing Exam, access to Dentistry resources, or medical calculators – we've got you covered!  more


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Healthcare Organizations

STAT!Ref offers critical healthcare information solutions for institutional users, such as, group practices, consortiums, hospitals, teaching hospitals, clinics, medical libraries, doctors, nurses, pediatricians, dentists, surgeons, researchers, chiropractors, psychiatrists, patient safety & quality control managers, and the list goes on. STAT!Ref is being utilized in numerous facilities both here and around the world. We would love to work with your institution or organization to create a subscription specifically suited to your needs.   more


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It's an ever shrinking world we live in and as more and more people become mobile and move about the globe, so do the infections and diseases that may have once been localized to a specific country or region.

Medicine is universal and so are the resources we use to learn, teach, research and practice the various aspects of healthcare. We think you will find a diverse and wealth of reputable and meaningful healthcare resources available from STAT!Ref.  more


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STAT!Ref is proud that we are being utilized by many of our government's agencies.

We continue to grow our content so that we can provide resources that meet the healthcare challenges and growing needs of our society both here at home and abroad. If you're a government entity and need medical resources please contact us to see how we can assist with your healthcare needs.


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STAT!Ref's founder Dr. Sugden, having served his country as a Navy Flight Surgeon himself, knows firsthand what the right medical information can do in the right circumstance and so for many years STAT!Ref has worked to customize resources and titles needed by our military and government. Because internet access is sometimes scarce in areas that need our military we have provided titles via Intranet and DVD and will continue to acquire the titles we think will benefit this segment of our users.


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Public Health

STAT!Ref is pleased that we can offer a growing collection of public health resources to help you in protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention. more


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"Thank you for putting together such a user-friendly website. It's extremely instinctive and easy to use. Thank you for making research much easier!"

-- Anne, OMS III, Arizona Health Information Network

"I find Stat!Ref to be my go to online reference. I no longer need to buy textbooks or keep my office cluttered with them."

-- Martin Tien, MD, Southwest Medical Associates

"Stat!Ref is outstanding. Your program has been an invaluable resource for my care plans and drug research."

-- Jeff, Nursing Student, Collin College